Understanding and Reviving the Beauty of Your Artificial Turf: Dealing with Flat Laid Blades

August 14, 2023
Understanding and Reviving the Beauty of Your Artificial Turf: Dealing with Flat Laid Blades

Artificial turf has become a popular landscaping choice for its low maintenance and evergreen appeal. However, you may notice that the blades of your artificial turf are lying flat, potentially affecting its aesthetic and vibrancy. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons behind flat-laid blades, clarify that this is a natural characteristic of turf installation, and provide effective methods to restore your turf's lush appearance.

Why Artificial Turf Blades Lay Flat: A Natural Trait

When you unroll and install artificial turf, you might observe that the blades tend to lay flat against the surface. This phenomenon is not a cause for alarm; rather, it's a natural characteristic resulting from the manufacturing and transportation process. The blades are designed to flatten during storage and transport to optimize space and reduce the likelihood of damage.

Reviving the Lushness of Your Artificial Turf:

1. Allow Time for Recovery:

One of the simplest ways to address flat-laid blades is to give your turf some time. With exposure to sunlight and moderate foot traffic, the blades will gradually begin to lift and regain their natural upright position.

2. Brushing and Grooming:

Use a stiff-bristle broom or a specialized turf brush to gently brush against the direction of the blades. This helps them stand upright, promoting a more natural appearance.

3. Consider Infill:

Applying infill material, such as silica sand or rubber granules, can help support the blades and encourage them to stand upright. This method can also enhance the overall stability of your artificial turf.

4. Regular Activity:

Encourage moderate foot traffic on your turf. As people and pets move across the surface, the blades will naturally adjust and stand upright over time.

5. Use a Power Broom:

For a more thorough approach, consider using a power broom specifically designed for artificial turf. This tool effectively lifts the blades and redistributes infill, revitalizing your turf's appearance.

6. Professional Maintenance:

If you're concerned about the condition of your artificial turf, consider consulting a professional turf maintenance service. They have the expertise and tools to rejuvenate your turf effectively.

Embracing the Evolution of Your Artificial Turf:

Remember that the initial flat-laid appearance of the blades is a temporary phase as a result of the turf's roll-up and transportation. Over time and with the right care, your artificial turf will regain its lush and inviting look. By employing brushing, infill, regular activity, and even professional assistance, you can hasten the process and enjoy the beauty of your revitalized artificial turf. Embrace the natural evolution of your turf and look forward to a vibrant outdoor space that adds charm and comfort to your home.


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